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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: RAR Fix Toolbox can’t recover data from a corrupt file. However, size of file not equal 0 (zero) bytes. What to do?

Answer: If our software cannot identify any data in corrupt file then press on Send a file to developers button. A damaged file will sent to us by email and we will attempt to recover it.

Question: How to get a new version of RAR Fix Toolbox?

Answer: Program check ability of new version of RAR Fix Toolbox on website each time when it starts. However, customers can download and install a new version of program from website directly. (Download link is)

Question: A competitor’s tool can recover more than RAR Fix Toolbox. Can RAR Fix Toolbox recover more info?

Answer: If you can send your file with comments to our technical support then we can consider this case. Moreover, we can answer on question: why recovered more data?

User testimonials

Special Thank you for developer of RAR Fix Toolbox. My archives was recovered.

Tom Wor.

RAR Fix Toolbox is really FIX TOOL. Thank you!

Thomas Eineving.

Hi FixToolbox Team,

I have successfully extracted all the files and everything seems to be there. I want to thank you and your colleagues for all your time and help.

Mc Millan.