RAR Fix Toolbox

WinRAR Fix Tool for damaged *.rar files containing WinRAR archives


How to Fix RAR files?

How to Fix RAR file?

RAR Fix Toolbox answers whats the best program for fixing RAR files and repair CRC checksums in all compressed files of RAR format so you can understand how to fix a RAR file? Keep in mind this damaged .RAR file fix software is not too complicated, besides many users believe it is easier than WinRAR file compression program.

How to Fix a RAR file?

Can this RAR repair fix unknown RAR or damage? Sure it can execute this task so you may get its installation file, follow all guidelines and realize how to fix RAR file? Unlike WinRAR file compression programs, this software does not have some kind of additional settings, please select an archive of RAR format and click the Next button to continue to realize how to fix RAR files?

Please execute the following steps to protect WinRAR files:

  • get freeware version of RAR Fix Toolbox and start restoring corrupted RAR archives immediately by executing the directions of archive restoration program;
  • never change the settings of RAR Fix Toolbox because the decompression engine of WinRAR files is already set to the highest performance and maximum efficiency;
  • get some rest until the analysis is successfully completed and look through the decompression report, provided by RAR Fix Toolbox, it quickly shows items can be restored or not;
Note: The program is not licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL) or GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). RAR Fix Toolbox is not open source software or a freeware tool. RAR Fix Toolbox is distributed on the try-before-you-buy basis with a free DEMO version.

System requirements: Windows 98 or higher


Step I

Selecting a damaged RAR archive.

Step II

Selecting folders and files that should be recovered.

Step III

Selecting a folder where the recovered information will be saved.

Step IV

Viewing the results of saving the recovered information.